We provide consulting for solving the client’s software problems, performing customer requirements analysis, and producing comprehensive functional specifications for the software to be developed. This ensures that the intended software will indeed solve the customer’s problems. The Functional Specifications document contains the system’s functionality points, the performance specifications, the system limitations, the proposed system architecture, the GUI layouts, and report layouts, the business logic, the process flows, the use cases, and the GUI and report field descriptions.
As part of the requirements analysis, we can build a Rapid Prototype of the system being conceived, so that the customer can visually see the finished system that he is going to get. A prototype is a rough system made for demonstration purposes. It demonstrates most of the functionality of the intended application in working form, although some of the behind-the- scenes functionality may be missing.
We perform a formal object-oriented design, and normalized database design. This makes our systems robust, extensible, and easy to maintain. The design document includes the object model (class diagram), showing the relationships among all classes, the detailed design of each class, including details about its attributes and methods, the dynamic model (message sequence diagrams), the normalized data model (ERwin diagram) showing entities, relationships and attribute data type details, and the data dictionary.
The best coding practices, and the highest QA measures are used to ensure implementation quality. Our developers are trained to follow coding and GUI style guides, and robust coding practices. We have an independent QA team, which does test planning, test case generation, and two cycles of test execution for every application delivered to the client.
We can provide on-site or off-site customer training of the appropriate duration, depth and difficulty–level, as per client agreement, to ensure that you can get started with your new systems as quickly and conveniently as possible.